Chemical manufacturing

The chemicals industry is comprised of a wide variety of plants and processes providing a diverse array of commodity and specialty chemical products. CHP is extensively used in certain segments of the chemicals industry such as plastic materials and resins, basic inorganic and organic products and commodity chemicals such as alkali and chlorine. These segments are highly energy intensive with large steam process loads. CHP systems in these applications tend to be based on large gas turbine or combined cycle systems, many owned and/or operated by third party entities that sell steam and power to the industrial facility and excess power to the grid. Growth opportunities appear in smaller CHP systems based on gas turbine and reciprocating engines that can be used in less energy intensive segments such as ethanol, pharmaceuticals and consumer products (soaps, detergents, etc.). Existing CHP in this market is heavily based on natural gas (80 percent of CHP capacity). Coal and process wastes are secondary CHP fuels used primarily in boiler/steam turbine systems.